Doris and "Kenai vom Dünner Land", "Lilly de Cane Nobile" and "Enji vom Dünner Land"

"Stella vom Dünner Land"

The president of the VDH and our "Venezia".

"Patty La Belle" and her christmas present.

"Oshanti" and "Yuna" vom Dünner Land

"Enji" takes riding lessons

"Menne" in Austria

Charlotte and Yantis.

Warengo, Wangari and Dude

Tirana with her friend at the breakfast.



Avien and Raimann

Umarnia and Vincenzo

Jantis vom Dünner Land

Jantis is playing

Jantis is playing

            Charlotte, Hannah and Jantis

Hannah and Jantis





Hannah in winter 2007

              Our "Grandpa" Paddy - just under 8 years


Jantis vom Dünner Land with Leon

Leon and Hannah at show

                              Breed group - Higgins, Hannah and Jantis   


   Best friends - Charlotte and Leonie

Lovely Julchen "THE BOSS"

Julchen favorite place



Jantis vom Dünner Land

Three successful siblings - Joy, Jantis and Jai


Kiara - "Are these my children?"



Home sweet home

Home sweet home



Rodanti vom Dünner Land

Riband vom Dünner Land



Monas sweet little "Emma" and "Angelina"



Grandma Xantia and our youngest Hannah

"Anne" Winter



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